About Erin Dockery

Growing up in Brooklyn Heights, Dr. Erin Dockery loved reading the stories of

country vet, James Herriott. After attending Packer and graduating from Trinity

High School, Erin went to Harvard University for a degree in English and American

Literature. Whilst there, Dr. Dockery decided to pursue her life long dream of

becoming a veterinarian and travelled to the UK to attend University of Liverpool

Veterinary School, where she graduated with distinction and became a member of

the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. While in the north of England, like in the

stories of James Herriott, she experienced the life of a country vet, but ultimately

decided to move back to her “hometown” of Brooklyn Heights to work with small

animals, mentored by the legendary Dr. Maddox.


Brooklyn Heights is known for its small town feel in the heart of the big city and Dr.

Dockery has found her niche here. As a resident of the community, Erin loves

walking down Montague Street and seeing many familiar faces, both animal and

human! Her children attend the local schools and her husband is a neighborhood

pediatric dentist so Dr. Dockery is here to stay!


With the closing of Cobble Hill Animal Clinic in 2015, Dr. Erin Dockery knew she

wanted to stay in the neighborhood to serve her wonderful patients and clients. She

has joined forces with Atlantic Animal Care and looks forward to welcoming many

old and new faces in her new veterinary home.


In her spare time, Dr. Dockery enjoys playing squash, tennis and, of course, reading

James Herriot’s stories to both her children and the family cat, Fergus!